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renzo santos of the human race.
i'm cynically friendly and socially inept.

rooted values, shun of God.

ask me bout my wiener

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you can be my jhené, i’ll be your alien.

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bad trip

a month ago, i shmerked weeerd on top of an SM mall, I was free as fuck. Looking at my home country in broad daylight, it was beautiful. Until I saw a guard watching us. Until I had to pass by a chapel and feel morally fucked up since I didn’t remember to pay my respects to Him when I passed by. And until I got to the third floor and it looked like the guards were crowding around us. Until that one guard tried to intimidate me by constantly saying “marijuana” into his walkie-talkie. And then I walked into Uniq-lo. Everything was fine. My mind was pretty tired by the end of that day. Moral of the story: Uniq-lo is a safe haven for potheads.



You just popped in the Kanye West
Get right for the summer workout tape
And ladies if you follow these instructions exactly

You might be able to pull you a rapper


a NBA player


man, at least a dude with a car


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please don’t make promises that you can’t deliver.